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Contract for Difference (CFD) is a leveraged financial instrument, which allows you to speculate on the price movements of different markets such as indices, commodities, currencies, stocks and Treasury bonds or derivatives or value estimates.

Unlike traditional Trading in these markets, you do not need large amount of capital to start trading – CFD is traded on margin, similar to the currency.


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A stock index corresponds to a compound statistical record, usually a number, which tries to reflect changes in the value or average returns of the component stocks. An index exists for almost every imaginable sector of the economy and the stock market. Some are known as ‘higher rates’, as the Down Jones Industrial Average, the FTSE 100, the S & P 500 or the Nikkei 225.

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Investing in commodities is almost equivalent to having cash. This represents a safe haven, which becomes more interesting during an economic crisis. Start creating your investment portfolio in gold, silver, oil and agricultural products increased consumption.


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