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Account expiration

In the event that no commercial activity for 30 consecutive days on account of Customers, TCM reserves the right to charge a fixed payment of $ 36 a month to keep the account in the event that the Customer Account has available funds. The payment of the above amount will start at the end of 30 days of inactivity and will continue for as long as the activity on the trading account of the client is absent. If the customer account is funded with less than $ 36 and have been inactive, TCM reserves the right to charge a lower amount to cover administrative expenses and close the account.

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Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party a written notice: a condition that you can not terminate this Agreement if you have open trades or pending Us liabilities. The resolution shall be without prejudice to the rights or accrued liabilities.


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Customer agrees as part of the condition that any bonus and / or promotional credit to the Customer shall be granted under the following conditions:


The bonus can only be redeemed once all the following conditions are cumulatively met.
Guests may request only TCM promotional offer during the promotion period.
The bonus can only be redeemed once during the promotional period per customer per live account.
TCM, in its sole discretion, determine whether the deposit and marketing of the activity of a client is entitled to a promotional bonus.
The total bonuses or refunds shall not exceed the amount of initial deposit.
The withdrawal of bond funds is contingent upon generating volume value of $ 500,000 round turns for each bonus $ 50.
The bonus can only be redeemed when registering with the data of actual customer contact.
Customers eligible for a bonus that has not been contacted by TCM, please send an email to our Promotions department.
In addition to the above, certain additional conditions may apply to any specific promotion, as defined in the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Trade Agreement for Customer:

This Client Trading Agreement and TCM and applies to dealings between the two sides. This Agreement incorporates by reference any additional appendices, including but not limited to the Risk Disclosure and Declaration of Entitlement.

General rules
1.1. Services Customer may perform operations TCM in various values as TCM may from time to time make available ( “Services”).

1.2. Direct relationship Unless otherwise agreed in writing, TCM and every customer to enter into this Agreement as principal (main mean – natural or legal person that is party to a transaction) and TCM not accept a principal performance undisclosed / unapproved through the client’s. With respect to such entity, Customer agrees to provide TCM with its identity, personal information, and other information that may seek TCM.

1.3. Margin, The Services may include margined transactions, requiring Client to deposit cash to secure obligations under this Agreement ( “safety margin”).

1.4. No recommendation or encouragement, TCM not recommend, solicit, offer, advise, suggest, concur on the merits of, or otherwise provide any opinion whether to buy or sell any security or engage in any other transaction. Neither the availability of the Services nor any communication by anyone associated with TCM must be interpreted in this way.

1.5. Errors Cited provided by TCM, through third parties or otherwise, may be incorrect for any reason. Following a transaction involving such quotation errors, TCM at its discretion reserves the right to correct the affected account balance. Any dispute arising from such errors or corrections will be resolved on the basis of the fair market value of the relevant security at the time of error.

1.6. Payments, Customer agrees that any amounts sent by the Client or on behalf of the client, the value date of the payment received and after taxes / fees charged by providers of bank accounts, or any other intermediary involved in such transaction process shall be deposited in the Customer trading account. TCM may charge additional operating expenses of up to $ 15 per deposit transfer. TCM must be convinced that the sender is an authorized Customer or client before making any amount available on the Customer trading account representative; otherwise TCM reserves the right to redeem / repay the net amount received to the sender by the same method as it was received. It is also understood that TCM not responsible for any funds not deposited directly into the bank account of TCM.

1.7. Market fluctuations, customer acknowledges that securities markets are subject to sudden changes due to press events and other announcements, acts of war or terrorism, power failures, strikes or civil unrest, business trends, political developments, fluctuations in other financial and commodity markets, and many other factors beyond the control of TCM. TCM may determine in its sole discretion, that there is an emergency or exceptional market conditions, in which case it reserves the right to impose trading limits or special conditions, cancel or suspend any transaction, or close an account.

1.8. Trade minimum duration, Any transaction closed within 120 seconds of opening time will be considered as “speculation”. TCM reserves the right to cancel such transactions without notice.

1.9. Trading Indices, Customer, hereby acknowledge that it is aware that in the case of the Contract for Difference (CFD) trade, open trade TCM within 5 minutes of opening the market. TCM reserves the right not to accept any trade in such instruments during the first 5 minutes of trading. TCM reserves the right to cancel any operation, at its discretion, such instrument made during the first five minutes of trading.

Customer Instructions and Order Execution
2.1. The client may provide oral or written instructions to TCM to order. written instructions may be given by letter, fax, website TCM, cell phones or other electronic media. Oral instructions may be given in person or by telephone, but TCM may require the commemoration of this instruction in writing. Once an instruction has been given, which it can not be revoked, withdrawn or modified without the express consent of TCM. TCM not be required to confirm the instructions.

2.2. TCM may seek further instructions from the client, which shall provide as soon as possible.

2.3. TCM customer must notify the identity of any person authorized to give instructions. Such notification shall be in writing and shall contain the names and specimen signatures of people authorized to do so. This authority may be revoked by written notification by the customer but such revocation will be effective only after confirmation in writing by TCM.

2.4. The customer is solely responsible for all orders, and accuracy of all information transmitted via the Internet using the customer’s name or personal identification code. Such transmission will not result in a binding contract between client until TCM TCM and accepts or acts upon it.

2.5. If TCM Customer does not receive instructions to liquidate open at the end of a working day positions, TCM is authorized (but not required) to make rollover orders the next business day.

2.6. In the case of rollover, as described in paragraph 2.5, this is done, the client will be charged with a fixed rate of 0.01% in its trading account current exposure on 00:00 GMT, regardless of any different interest.

2.7. TCM not be liable, and the customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless TCM for any loss, expense, cost or liability, arising from error in instructions; instructions or other communications transmitted over the Internet; The failure of the customer notifies the revocation of authority; The failure of the client to issue new instructions on the application of TCM; TCM corrective measures in its absolute discretion on such breach; TCM actions on instructions transmitted via the Internet using the name or personal identification code of the client or an individual who appears mistakenly TCM to be an authorized person; TCM or refusal for any reason or no reason to act on instructions.

2.8. Disassembly instructions – The customer can withdraw all or part of the funds deposited in TCM to compliance with the following cumulative conditions:

2.8.1. It has provided all compliance or any other document required to TCM.

2.8.2. It is completed, signed and sent (by fax or email) “form Withdrawal Request”, appointed by TCM providing all necessary information indicated on the form.

2.8.3. It does not hold open positions in Customer’s trading account TCM

2.9. TCM run retreat Customer within 5 business days once all the above conditions are met, and with the approval of the same by the Operational Department TCM. Customer acknowledges that the funds transfer times may vary according to your account type, the issuing bank, intermediary bank, receiving bank, destination country or any other third party involved in the transfer of funds. TCM not be responsible for any delay transfer of funds caused by such third party.

2.10. Customer acknowledges that the requested transfer of funds can be charged with additional charges for third parties to transfer the transfer. TCM not charge fees for withdrawal. In addition, the Customer acknowledges that if the funds received are converted into any other currency other than dollars, you can apply some exchange fees.

2.11. Should a withdrawal request has not complied with the conditions of cumulative abstinence established in the previous paragraph 2.8 within 30 days of making the request, the withdrawal request will be canceled. The customer can reapply for retirement. This new withdrawal request will be subject to the general terms of withdrawal as set out above.

2.12. Withdrawals must be made with the same method used by the customer to fund your trading account and at the same sender. TCM reserves the right to refuse removal using a specific payment method and suggest another payment method. In these cases the customer may be required to issue a new request for withdrawal, or to provide more documentation to process the withdrawal request.

2.13. Customer acknowledges that regulations against money laundering do not allow the transfer of funds to any third party other than the beneficial owner of the account TCM operation. In addition, TCM may require additional documentation on the source of funds and / or the beneficiary.

Representations customers
Customer states that:

3.1. He has read and understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3.2. Understands the high degree of risk associated with trading securities, subject to the movements of the unknown market and other factors that may result in higher losses Margin original client security, and can afford to lose the sums referred to TCM and incur additional losses.

3.3. There is no estoppel with respect to, and is not subject to any law or regulation which prevents its performance of this Agreement or any contract contemplated in this Agreement.

3.4. It has obtained all necessary consents and has the authority to enter into this Agreement (and if the client is a corporation or similar entity, it is properly empowered and has obtained approval required in accordance with the articles of organization).

3.5. Subject to this Agreement, all sums remitted to satisfy the Security Margin are and at all times remain free from any charge, lien, pledge or encumbrance.

3.6. It is in compliance with all laws to which it is subject including, without limitation, all tax laws and regulations, exchange control requirements and registration requirements.

3.7. The information provided by him to TCM is complete, accurate and not misleading.

3.8. He is aware that several markets, such as the foreign exchange market, are not regulated and as such means that can not benefit from legal mechanisms or other compensation in connection with the Services.

Margin Requirements
4.1. The Customer shall submit to such amounts of money as required TCM in an acceptable currency for TCM to cover the safety margin of the client and any balance on the debit account.

4.2. TCM will have no obligation to ensure margin requirements security they have been satisfied by the customer before placing an order and payment obligations of the customer will not be diminished by any failure by TCM to enforce payment of outstanding safety margins before entering into the transaction.

4.3. TCM can use any money received from the customer in order to meet business obligations related to the Customer in TCM and not to any third party and TCM, shall not be obliged to render accounts Customer for any resulting income received by TCM.

4.4. The customer must promptly deliver any money owed under a contract of third parties in accordance with both the terms of the contract and the instructions given by TCM order to allow TCM carry out their obligations under the contract .

4.5. TCM may (but is not obliged to) convert into another currency at TCM acceptable change for any amount of money customers located in its power as TCM considered necessary or desirable to meet the obligations and responsibilities of the Customer.

4.6. If the customer does not comply with a safety margin required or other sum due under this Agreement, TCM can close any or all open and without notice positions and apply any proceeds thereof to payment of any amount due to TCM. TCM reserves the right to return funds deposited by the client at any time, with or without reason.

Spread rates, Margin and Leverage
5.1. TCM reserves the right to change the safety margin in line with the size of the customer’s deposit, size or transactions, market conditions (including but not particularly limited volatility or illiquidity) or other factors that are determined by TCM . TCM reserves the right to offer different spreads (the difference between the purchase price ASK (rate) and the sale price BID (rate) at the same time) the rates are commensurate with the size of the safety margin of the client and their positions .

5.2. The customer is fully responsible for verifying the activity of their accounts and their security margin requirement. These requirements are available on request or at the TCM site.

Right Pledge, Lien, compensation and retention
TCM shall, at any time and without prejudice to any other rights, TCM may have, the right to combine or consolidate the accounts of different customers, offset against each other, the balances of customer accounts (regardless of designation or the currency of the account) or offset each balance individually. For any claim TCM derivatives related to the customer, regardless of the maturity dates of such claims or of the currencies in which they are denominated, TCM will have a lien and pledge, and a lien, Services on all assets or security held in the customer’s name or otherwise deposited with TCM, or any guarantee or indemnity given by the customer TCM.

Without warning, or receiving further authority Client, TCM entitled to close all or part of any position or customer account, on or at any time after the occurrence of any of the following events:

7.1. Customer fails to make a payment under this Agreement promptly.

7.2. Customer fails to observe or perform in whole or in part, any of the provisions of this Agreement or commits a breach of this Agreement.

7.3. The client maintains parallel accounts in order to arbitrate promotions or policies TCM, at the sole discretion of TCM.

7.4. Dies, is declared absent or becomes insane client.

7.5. A bankruptcy petition is filed in relation to the client or, if a partnership, with respect to one or more of its partners or, if a company, all actions or proceedings initiated or protection sought under any law are taken bankruptcy reorganization or applicable insolvency in respect of itself or against it including, without limitation, the taking of measures for the appointment of a liquidator, receiver, administrator or similar officer to be appointed over its undertaking or assets or part of them.

7.6. The client makes a chargeback credit card. In this case, the customer accounts will be frozen and all positions will be closed at the end of the trading day in the manner prescribed by TCM;

7.7. TCM or the customer is requested to close a position or portion of a position by any agency or governmental or regulatory authority.

7.8. TCM considers it necessary for its own protection or that of its partners.

7.9. The customer recognizes the right of TCM to close all or part of any open position held Customer TCM should a negative result of these positions lead to surpass the required safety margin.

7.10. Client engaged or suspected of participating in what is considered illegitimate, illegal, immoral abuse system, the arbitration system, arbitration contribution or any other business that may be considered at one time or another as a violation of the rules trade was based on the amount of time the transaction was opened or by virtue of the fact that trade is inadvertently opened to an incorrect price, time, or instrument.

TCM not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any breakdown or failure of any transmission or communication system or computer facility, whether belonging to TCM, Customer, any market, or any settlement or clearing system.

Conversation recording
Customer acknowledges that TCM can record all telephone conversations between the parties. Such recordings or transcripts thereof shall remain the property of the client consents TCM and for use as evidence by TCM of any dispute or anticipated dispute between the parties under this Agreement. Any such recordings or transcripts made by TCM can be destroyed by it in accordance with its usual practice.

Amendments to the Agreement
This Agreement may not be amended or waived except in writing by an authorized officer TCM. The customer service employees can not modify or waive any part of this Agreement. Customer acknowledges that TCM may revise this Agreement by giving notification of the revised by e-mail or customer login Agreement. The use of customer services TCM after such notice constitutes acceptance of the revised Agreement.

The Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Seychelles. For any dispute arising under this Agreement, the Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Seychelles. The Parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply.