When trading in currencies, stocks or other financial products, should be fully aware of the risks involved. The following disclosure statement suggests some, but not all, risks related to trade. Please take a moment to read the following disclaimer and let us know if you have any questions.

Trading ( “currency trading exchange”, “currency”, “FX”, “Forex”, etc.), it is speculative and may result in a substantial or complete loss of funds. Their losses may even exceed your initial margin deposit. Therefore, it is highly recommended that trade only takes place with “venture capital”.

Venture capital is defined as money that is not necessary for survival or welfare. Carefully assess your goals and financial investment position and then keep in mind that it is your responsibility to decide whether trading is suitable for you.

If you do not thoroughly understand both the risks involved in currency trading or TCM rules in different commercial and political parties, this will indicate not to use the services TCM. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, trading involves risks associated with the following factors:

  1. SPOT can be leveraged with funds worth hundreds of times more than the value of your margin deposit. resulting losses can therefore far superior to said reservoir.
  2. Losses may be aggravated due to sudden adverse market movements, the position of accumulation, or accumulation of commissions and other charges.
  3. Execution of orders at a stipulated price, or contingent “stop-loss” orders or “stop-limit” may be impossible or costly due to certain conditions or market fluctuations. You may soon be required to deposit additional margin funds, whose failure can result in the liquidation of its position and responsibility for any deficit in your account.
  4. Currency is not traded on the stock exchange and some combinations are traded irregularly. Price quotations for such orders may be outdated or unreliable because of the absence of a counterparty, among other reasons. Orders for this type of trade may in no case be readily realizable.
  5. TCM does not make recommendations or give advice to trade and may have undisclosed interests that conflict with theirs. In particular, TCM may represent adverse positions or act as a counterparty in transactions, which means that TCM can act as a buyer when sold, and as a seller at the time of purchase. In addition, TCM may set prices that are offered to negotiate with you, they can not represent the best available prices or other clients.

TCM, or a bank or broker you use, may become insolvent resulting in immediate closure of their positions.
By using TCM you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclosure.